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Pandemic: the real cost is in relationships

What would happen to your business if another pandemic hit the planet?

With pandemics such as SARS threatening societies, it is quite certain that more are on the way. When the SARS outbreak occurred, it was estimated that there was a $28 billion cost to Asia alone, in lack of business, and tourism.

“One month after first hitting the headlines, the economic damage from SARS has spread well beyond airlines, hotels and conferences to virtually all businesses within [Asia], and many well beyond.”
The Economist, April 17, 2003

Responsible management must be prepared for the next pandemic, in whatever form that will occur. The questions that firms often ask:

How can we anticipate pandemic-related business risks that could impact our company's objectives?

How can we prepare our business to effectively respond to threats and minimize its impact?

What can I do to assure customers, employees, and partners that our firm can manage the impact of a Pandemic?

What is the real cost if a pandemic strikes, and how can I mitigate it?

The strategy is simple; use your time wisely when things are going well. If there is no impending problem in India, and you are heading there next month, add a week or two to your business tip, and focus entirely on building and protecting the relationship.

The best way to enhance a business relationship is to develop a personal one. And when looking to develop that personal relationship, we can use several bridges including: food, family, music, art, sports, culture, and history.

This way, a pandemic can delay, but not destroy your Asian markets. Your competitors won’t be able to destroy it either.

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