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The Philippines are a good entry to Asian marketplace

What is the best springboard to Asia? Many companies don't bother to debate this question. This is one of the biggest strategic decisions a firm can make, and it's often made quickly, blindly and influenced entirely by emotion. Firms often choose countries on the basis of these variables:

What happens when clients disappear? Then we have a vendor that has resources in a country it may not otherwise want to invest in.

However, firms might want to sell "country products" to Singapore (aircraft, banking regulatory software, large-scale engineering projects and government lotteries) that Chicago wouldn't be able to buy.

When we look at all of these factors in terms of Asian market entry, companies may do best using the Philippines as a toehold in Asia. There are many reasons for this.

It's no secret that much of the Philippine economy is controlled by Filipino Chinese (Filipinos with Chinese genealogy as well) and Chinese-Chinese (100 percent pure Chinese ethnicity) who may have lived in the PI for generations. The "Chinese connection" can make strategic introductions to other Asian markets. Many Chinese families control pan-Asian marketing companies.

The Philippines offers a somewhat neutral meeting and outbound marketing ground. It doesn't own China's controversies, Japan's history or Cambodia's politics.

Filipinos discuss sin, shared worship and doing good deeds, as Westerners do. The religious practices and the place religion occupies in everyday life are much different than the more religious Indonesia or Thailand.

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