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Biography: Alyson Dutch

Alyson Dutch has a wide breadth of experience in providing public relations, marketing, promotions, crisis management and high-profile events for clients that range from high profile brands, startups to world-class entertainers, entrepreneurial concepts and Fortune 500 corporations.

She has launched and developed the careers of several personalities, launched a host of interesting products and services and developed and merchandised events for high profile clients. She is a sought after crisis management specialist, deftly soothing the raging fires of debate for some of the most publicly waged wars known in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Dutch's communication style is straightforward, genuine and savvy. She is just as adept at handling snowboarders as dignitaries, CEO's and stars. She possesses an innate knowledge of how to position companies, people and products to gain a specific objective, whether it be to attract economic investment, find distribution or to handle a public crisis. Her passion for her work drives her to apply her knowledge in a creative, yet methodical manner. In addition, she has a keen understanding of the cultural sensitivities that rule the business marketplace and knows how to command the media's attention.

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