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International Transactions Specialist

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Biography: Roy Becker

Roy Becker has over 30 years experience working in the international departments of several major banks. During that time he has assisted many importers and exporters with the intricate banking needs associated with international trade.

Roy serves as adjunct faculty and advisory board member of the International MBA program at the University of Denver.

He is a frequent speaker at workshops and seminars at the World Trade Center Denver, The Center for Financial Training Western States, and as a guest lecturer at area Universities. He serves as the Treasurer of the Rocky Mountain District Export Council. He is a member of Toastmasters International and has earned the Advanced Toastmaster Gold Award.

Roy has authored and self-published a book, "A Banker's Insight on International Trade: Tips, Techniques and Tales from Practical Experience." The book contains 52 short stories based on real life situations that companies have experienced in international trade.

The book is intended to have educational benefits to help the reader learn and remember from others’ experiences. While many people would argue that a banker couldn’t be humorous, the book has received a number of reviews with the comment that the book is both humorous and educational. His book is available at or at

After 34 years in the corporate world, Roy made the decision to give up the safety net to become a corporate trainer, consultant and publisher. He now trains companies how to reduce risk and improve cash flow for their international transactions.

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