At a Glance

Partners International helps firms enter and succeed in foreign markets


We will set expectations for international markets, and train your international team. We offer customized “how to” sessions for different markets and countries.

Partnering Services

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Nothing could be more true abroad. Our network of contacts in various countries enables our clients to work with the correct people, from the start.

Troubleshooting and Disaster Containment

Firms often work with the wrong people or in the wrong way. When your objectives aren’t being met, let us know. An outside party decreases the chance of disastrous consequences when troubleshooting.

Strategic Planning

What is the best Mode of Entry into a foreign market? How do you avoid costly mistakes?

Negotiation Services

We will represent, accompany, or train you to negotiate with your partners in a foreign country.

Research Services

Who is in the market? Who should you deal with overseas? What obstacles to entry exist?