Marketing Overview: Digital


Marketing Overview: Digital

Marketing Overview: Digital

    One Liners:

“Digital marketing shouldn’t be separated from regular marketing. The approaches need to match!”

“Google is the largest market in the world- it needs investment & attention.”

“Who are we writing to?”

“There are many tool salespeople in my industry. They sell a trick, an app, a piece of tech. Marketing still is about strategy, messaging, branding and getting people interested!”

Phase 1


What are your goals (numbers) and what are your objectives? (how do you look to the world?
What is your promise

Phase 2

    “Website Soft Landing”

Can I find you? Are you Google-able?

How does your site look and feel?
Is it welcoming?
Do I learn something every time I go?
Is it a tool, or just a brochure?
Are you applying Social Media correctly?
Are you answering the 4 questions?
Who is the client?
What is his/her problem?
What is our solution?
Why is our solutions better?

Phase 3

    Using the tools (tactics)

Ad tech
Multiple offers
Back end tagging
Content that is relevant to the problem you solve

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