Sales Training

The old saying is: Production-Sales=Scrap

Maximizing your sales force’s productivity is the quickest and easiest way to maximize your company’s value. This is nothing new.
All of our market research has proven one incredible thing:
No one knows exactly why people buy! It’s true.
There is hope, however. We also have learned that there are several ways to increase the probability of sales, and ways of keeping the customer happy.

Partners International Sales Training includes:

Getting and Setting
…The appointment, that is. “Appointments are gold.”

The Initial Presentation
How do you “grab” the prospect in one minute? What magic words can you use to justify the sales pitch?

The Diagnosis
The most important and overlooked part of the sale. In the words of our trainer: “no problem, no sale.”

Applying the Solution
How do you make your product/service fit the problem?

Flushing Objections
They still aren’t buying? Why not? How do you get to the truth?

The Close
End the presentation with a happy client, and a happy salesperson.

Keeping the Sale Closed
It isn’t over. Operations problems, budget cuts and competition can lead your clients away. Client retention skills can be taught and mastered.

Partners International can offer your firm a combination of seminars, activities, and programs to cover all of these areas or any combination desired. We can deliver in day seminars, one on one consulting, or customized to your needs.

Let one of our experts diagnose your needs. We will suggest and implement a program to meet your specific needs.