Expatriate Services

Cross-Cultural Training

prepares the employee and family for the professional and personal changes associated with the international assignment. By increasing cross-cultural effectiveness in both the business and social contexts, participants are better able to adapt and operate successfully in their new environment.

Candidate Assessment

provides the company and the employee an opportunity to assess the suitability for a particular international assignment. Programs include: two behavioral instruments, candidate (and spouse) interview, and discussions with international assignees currently living at the location under consideration.

Global Management Training

Culture’s Impact on Business

provides a greater understanding of cultural differences and their effect upon communication, relationship building and the business norms of clients, suppliers and colleagues from around the world.

Global Leadership and Development

builds upon the intercultural competencies, leadership skills and trans-national outlook of key employees and leadership succession candidates.

Business Ethics Across Cultures

examines how culture shapes business ethics, and the challenges of refining and administering a traditional corporate code of conduct.

Consulting and Research

Establishing Candidate Pools

helps ensure the availability of candidates who have the greatest potential for success in global assignments. Programs include development of selection criteria; briefings to management and expatriate candidates (and spouses) about the dynamics of living and working internationally; country or regional briefings; and administration/ evaluation of selection instruments.

Building Global Competencies

provides a customized organizational map along with guidelines, strategies, policies and systems to help companies prepare for and meet the demands of the global business environment.