What is Negotiation Training?

What Is Negotiation Training?

  • Avoiding conflict
    The easiest way? Meet everyone’s interests.
  • Alternative dispute resolution
    Instead of picking a position and sticking to it, create viable alternatives.
  • Accountability
    Take ownership of your biases, and feelings. Don’t necessarily be controlled by them.
  • Listening skills
    Communication is not what they say, it’s what you hear.
  • Overcoming difficult people
    Doesn’t everyone need this? Reality testing can go a long way here.
  • Negotiating internationally, or across cultures
    The people change, the dynamics change, sometimes the language even changes!

How does it work?

Step one: Diagnosis
We can’t kill the dragon if we can’t see the dragon. The Diagnosis alone adds value.

Step two: Usually a seminar.
Given to as many people as you feel are necessary. When everyone learns the basics of negotiating, everyone wins.

Step three: Independent assessment and coaching.
Let us work with you in a real life situation. Let us listen with our trained ears.

Step four: Advanced negotiation.
With the procedures and skills learned earlier, we can create new workshops to address the areas you need.


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