Bruce Bacon has over 18 years of leadership experience in high technology companies encompassing product definition, corporate strategy, business development, and marketing. He specializes in the development of new businesses/products and services with expertise in the creation of business and product strategies for high technology offerings including emerging e-commerce systems. In past positions, Bruce has been responsible for managing the success of research and development, sales, and marketing organizations.


Bruce is a creative leader able to take base technology and transform it into a complete product to solve business requirements and position products/services within the information systems marketplace. Bruce brings the unique ability to match market needs with emerging technology.


In the past five years, Bruce has been involved in:

  • The creation of an electronic post office system being used by the Canadian Post Office to implement their nationwide electronic postal system. Subsequently, the USPS has licensed this technology.
  • The negotiation and acquisition of a company deploying digital notarization technology.
  • The development of a company implementing an Internet based supply chain integration offering in the health care environment. The first components of this service became operational in May of 2000.
  • The creation of an electronic bill presentment and payment system for a major bill outsourcing company.
  • The development of an Internet based benefits Management Company. This service is targeted to deploy in late 2001.
  • The creation of a Bioinformatics product strategy designed to bring genetic based medicine into the mainstream healthcare markets.
  • The creation of a data middleware transaction and translation manager used by key airline reservation systems in support of one of the largest three tiered architecture computing systems implemented worldwide.


Bruce has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information systems from Central Missouri State University and had completed a Graduate E-Commerce Certificate Program at Denver University.

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