Domestic Cases

Case #1: The Sales Force that Couldn’t

The Call:
When the CEO of a medium sized service provider called us, her complaint was her sales force couldn’t sell. Sales were flat and sometimes even decreasing!

The Diagnosis:

    After meeting with her, the sales team, management team and conducting an analysis of the compensation plan it was found that:

  • In many cases, the wrong people were involved in selling this service
  • The comp. plan was sending the wrong message to the sales force
  • The sales force was poorly trained

The Solution:

  • A revamp of the comp. plan to meet organizational goals.
  • A skills analysis of the sales team
  • An ongoing training plan including group meetings and one-on-one field training

The Result
More sales, more profitability and a saner CEO!

Case #2: The Deal Chaser

The Call:
The people at this advertising firm were simply working too hard. Everyone was harried, miserable and therefore unproductive.

The Diagnosis:

    Once our team entered it was easy to see that there was no real marketing strategy for this firm. The marketing people used a “shotgun” approach and sales people were chasing whatever deals they felt they could get.

The Solution:

  • A three day “lock down” with the management team to hammer out and define an actionable strategy
  • The adoption of the corporate motto: “The money we make is in the deals we don’t do”
  • Marketing and sales activities divided into targeted vertical markets
  • Ongoing subject matter training in the various vertical markets

The Result
The old cliché “working smarter, not harder”

Case #3: The Hemorrhaging Bank account

The Call:
“We’re broke!”

The Diagnosis:

    After understanding the company’s books, we learned that the CEO didn’t understand his own financials

  • Money was being spent on the wrong items
  • Proper cash flow wasn’t budgeted
  • Many large expenses were producing no return
  • Vendors were taking advantage of the firm with high prices and high interest rates

The Solution:

  • An interim bookkeeper and CFO who could take all mystery out of the numbers
  • Finally, the cost of sale was defined
  • ROI demanded (and timetables created) for every large capital expenditure
  • Budgets created
  • Money found by renegotiating all vendor contracts and finding new vendors when necessary

The Result
Less work for the CEO, management accounting installed, and increased margins

Case #4: The Un-sellable Business

The Call:
When the owner of this media firm called us, he said: “we’ve been on the market for 2 years and no one is interested”

The Diagnosis:

  • Company relinquished marketing efforts to third parties
  • Company did not create and protect a strong brand
  • Financials did not tell the correct story

The Solution:

  • Company began a strong marketing and branding campaign
  • Competitors began to take notice
  • Financial modeling used to tell the true story of growth
  • Financing terms put in place to make the sale “easy”
  • An incentive system developed so that key employees could be retained by the new owners

The Result